The Property

Olive OilRokewood Olive Grove is a family business on a farming property in Balingup, Western Australia. This 80 hectare property is situated at the southern end of the Darling scarp, with steep hills and deep valleys flowing into the Blackwood River. The deep loam soils, Mediterranean climate and predictable rainfall make it an ideal area for growing beautiful, healthy, oil-rich olives and delicious extra virgin olive oil.

Our Olives

Owners Steve and Janine planted the original olive grove in 2002 with 450 trees of mixed varieties. For oil, they planted Leccino, Frantoio and New Norcia Mission varieties with Kalamatas to produce table olives.

In 2009, Rokewood Olive Grove expanded with the planting of an additional 300 Kalamata trees to boost the table olive side of the business.

These trees began production of good quality table olives in 2013.

The excellent climate and soils of the Blackwood Valley in Western Australia has enabled this grove to now yield approximately 1600 litres of award winning extra virgin olive oil per year and an increasing tonnage of beautiful Kalamata table olives.

Olives and Olive Oil : The Processes

The oil olives are either machine or hand harvested and cold pressed within 24 hours of picking. This oil is settled in stainless steel tanks and transferred, unfiltered, into bottles or casks. This retains all of its nutritional value and flavour. This oil has a unique flavour, changing slightly each year, but always with a slight peppery aftertaste characteristic of the southwest region.

The Kalamata table olives are picked and sorted by hand. They are placed into brine in tanks to complete the pickling process over approximately six months. Regular monitoring and recording of salt and ph levels ensure high quality taste and safety. The final brine is reduced in salt and enhanced with red wine vinegar to give it a well rounded flavour.  The olives remain firm and sweet and can be stored in dark coll places for up to two years.

All bottling, labeling and additives are done at the farm processing plant, which houses a commercial kitchen and complies with the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness.  We have just completed our ninth harvest.

Awards & Accolades

Rokewood Olive Grove has won the following awards for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Table Olives.

The Perth Royal Show resumed its Table Olive Competition in 2017 after many years without a competition.  Rokewood Olive Grove won two awards, including Best in Class, for our Kalamata Table Olives.

2017: Silver Award- Perth Royal Show – Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Leccino/ Frantoio/ Mission)

Judges comments: “Good nose. Strong, pleasant palate with pepper and bitterness. A well-balanced oil.”

2017:   Silver Award and Best in Category- Perth Royal Show- Kalamata Table Olives

2017:  Bronze Award – Perth Royal Show- Picual Table Olives

Judges Comments: ” Firm, good texture, bitterness and saltiness with no off flavours.”

2015: Bronze Award- Perth Royal Show- Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Leccino)

2014: Silver Award-  South West Olive Oil Competition (Leccino/ Frantoio/ Mission)

           Bronze Award- Perth Royal Show (Leccino/ Frantoio/ Mission)

Judges Comments: “Fresh tomato & herb on the mose. A fruity palate with a mild, fine peppery finish. A good balanced oil.”

2013: Silver Award- South West Olive Oil Competition (Leccino/ Frantoio/ Mission)

          Bronze Award- Perth Royal Show (Leccino/ Frantoio/ Mission)

Judges Comments: “Pleasant fresh fruity/ grassy aromas. Fresh tomato flavours with a balanced finish.”

2012: Silver Award- Perth Royal Show (Leccino/ Frantoio/ Mission)  

Judges comments: “Fresh grassy aroma with green peppercorn on the palate with a clean finish.”

2012: Silver Medal- Perth Royal Show (Frantoio/ Mission)

Judges comments: “Fresh floral nose.  Flavour of sweet lettuce leaf. Medium papper with a fresh finish.”

2011: Silver Award – South West Olive Oil Competition- (Frantoio/ Mission)

Judges comments: “A floral aroma, smooth fruity palate and a very good finish.”